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A new way to analyse computer mouse trajectories

EMOT is a Matlab package implementing a new methodology for modeling computer-mouse trajectories in a data-driven perspective and allows researchers to analyse raw x-y trajectories in terms of dynamic and static components.

It is based on an information-theoretic framework, where a set of entropy-based measures is used to quantify the spatial information in the empirical data. Movement features present in empirical trajectories, such as location, direction, and space exploration are extracted adopting an original entropy decomposition.

EMOT offers a robust methodology in case of noisy trajectories due to uneven movements of the cursor and can work with raw x-y trajectories registered with any recording software.


  • Calcagnì, A., Lombardi, L., & Sulpizio S. (2017). Analysing spatial data from mouse tracker methodology: An entropic approach. Behavior Research Methods. In press [download]
Research articles using EMOT methodology will be reported in this page later.


Getting EMOT

To get the EMOT package please use the download form below. Next, unpack the content of the zip-file EMOT.zip in any folder of your choice. After unpacking, you have to start your MATLAB and change its current directory to the folder in which you have unpacked the files in question (alternatively, you have to place the EMOT folder in the current Matlab directory). Read the user guide to know how to lunch EMOT at the Matlab command prompt. The folder contains running scripts, a user guide, and a dataset of sample trajectories for the first running.

Conditions: The EMOT package is offered free of charge to anyone interested in using the EMOT methodology provided that it is not used for financial profit and that you properly cite the software and the EMOT paper (see above). Requests to use the software for any commercial purpose must be directed to the authors. You are not allowed to redistribute a downloaded copy of the software to others. If you want others to use the EMOT package, please refer them to this website.

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